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Thursday, June 04, 2020


CoilMate®/Dickerman® 4R-24 Coil Stock Reel

The main attributes of the 4R-24 Coil Reel are support for coil widths up to 24" (606.900mm) with a weight capacity of 6,500 lbs. (2,954.545 kg.) Speak with one of our sales application engineers today to see if the 4R-24 coil reel is the right piece of equipment to improve your productivity.

4R-24 Stock Coil Reel from CoilMate

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4R-24 Coil Reel - Specifications

Model(s): 4R-24, 4RM-24*, 4RD-24*, 4RDM-24*
Coil Weight (lbs.) : 6,500 lbs. (2954,545 kg.)
Width: 24" (606.900mm)
Max. Coil O.D.: 60" (1524.000mm)
* D = Dual and M = Motorized