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Thursday, June 04, 2020


CoilMate® Solutions Scrap Chopper for recycling scrap material

For Chopping Power Press Stock Scrap


Versatile from job to job, press to press, CoilMate® power driven scrap choppers take skeleton strip and chop it into a size easily stored for collection. They Answer a major problem in press rooms, minimizing handling and saving floor space in coil stock scrap removal. Careful attention to scrap handling often brings added profit that is frequently overlooked.

CoilMate's® scrap choppers may be tipped at any angle to suit the feeding material. Simplified design enables construction of an extremely rugged scrap chopper with essentially only one moving part.

The unique orbital cutting action allows equal blade opening at either end, permitting free entrance of the material. The guide chute receiving the material has a reciprocating action which prevents skeleton scrap from "hanging up" and keeps it feeding freely.

Detail of the CoilMate® Scrap Chopper blade assembly.


Cutting blades in the CoilMate® powered scrap chopper are of high chrome, high carbon steel. They are extra thick, self-aligning, and can be re-ground to less than half the original thickness and still be used. Sharpening is accomplished by grinding one surface only.

Lubrication fittings are located at all necessary points. The Model SC-1 is available with either single phase or three phase motor. All three phase operated units incorporate a NEMA-12 enclosure with disconnect switch and 110 volt control.

Ample space is provided beneath the chopper and between the legs for scrap collection bins. Units are strictly gravity feed so scrap must have sufficient body to drop through blades without crimping or stalling. Capacities listed are in mild steel. Sufficient allowance must be made for shear strength of tougher materials, as well as provisions for more frequent blade sharpening to avoid chipping. The CoilMate®/Dickerman® scrap chopper is a cost effective solution to transform material from a punch press operation into premium-priced recyclable material. Because the CoilMate®/Dickerman® scrap chopper is self powered, it does not require energy from the press for actuation. Therefore, your punch press experiences less wear and tear and is not subjected to off-center loading.

Please click here for the specifications of the CoilMate® Scrap Chopper Line-up.


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