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Thursday, June 04, 2020


CoilMate® Pallet Decoilers Unleash Press Productivity

 Are you feeding your 21st Century pressline with 19th Century technology? Traditional methods of loading coil stock - workers handling each coil individually with forklifts and hoists - are efficiency bottlenecks. New methods of quick coil changeover and smooth stock feeding offer tremendous gains in overall productivity. Pallet decoiling, a technology pioneered by CoilMate® , Inc., has rapidly become standard equipment for the metal stamping and rollforming industries worldwide.

CoilMate's patented line of pallet decoilers typically cut coil-changing downtime up to 90 percent or more. In many operations, this increases overall production by one-third or better. CoilMate® offers more than 40 product solutions for decoiling and recoiling strip and wire. The company has a reputation for building tough machines with heavy-duty, welded steel construction an dependable, commercially available parts. It is not unusual for a CoilMate® Pallet Decoiler to run 24 hours a day for years at a time.

With more than 20 years of experience, CoilMate® continually creates new machines and enhances the productivity of its current line. As a manufacturer, CoilMate® has the ability to custom design or "fit" its decoilers to individual customer requirements.

Discover the Many Benefits of CoilMate® Pallet Decoilers


Cut Coil Changing Downtime 90% —
Go directly from inventory to production. Eliminate individual handling of each coil. Holds 37" coil and pallet height.

Increase Production and Save Money —
Purchase larger diameter coils for less money and longer run time. Standard CoilMate® decoilers handle up to 72" O.D. coils and have weight capacities of 2000 to 12,000 pounds.

Eliminate Edge Damage and Increase Worker Safety —
Prevent damage and injury caused by lifting and handling heavy coils using slings or hoists. With pallet decoiling you place the entire pallet of material on the platform. Individual coils do not need to be handled. You do not even take the bands off the coils until you are ready to use them.

Save Floor Space —
CoilMate® decoilers are designed to be placed as close as possible to the feed in most applications. Space can be saved because large slack loops associated with vertical reels are no longer required. CoilMate's patented, adjustable, hold arm roller matches pass line height, ensuring even flow of the material. The control arm roller picks up the natural helix of the material, eliminating any possible jerking or edge damage, common with other decoilers. Using the platform to hold your pallet of coils also saves valuable floor space.

Depend on Our Strength —
Assembled in America, CoilMate® decoilers feature heavy duty, welded steel construction and high quality, commercially available components.

Load with Ease and Speed —
Load from front or side to simplify handling and improve production flow. CoilMate® decoilers are engineered for easy centering and setup. They are simple to thread and use. They accommodate various press speeds and feed configurations. Switch from clockwise to counterclockwise coils with simple adjustments.

Save Money —
CoilMate® decoilers cost thousands less than equivalent capacity vertical reels.

Order Custom Solutions —
Because CoilMate® is both designer and manufacturer, we can meet your special size, gauge and production requirements. We can alter platform size, dancer arm assemblies, speed controls and add various non-contact loop controls to meet your most demanding applications.

Q & A

What gauge range will CoilMate® decoilers handle?
The standard CoilMate® handles .005"-.065" thick up to 6" wide materials. (We have provided decoilers for materials up to 30" wide) the wider the material, the lighter the gauge must be. The heavier the gauge, the narrower the material must be.

What materials can CoilMate® pallet decoilers handle?
CoilMate® models can handle most metallic materials and some non-metallic materials such as paper or film products.

What line speed can I use?
Standard CoilMate® decoilers run as fast as 180 feet per minute based on a 16" coil I.D.. Some roll former applications using an optional permanently mounted arbor can feed up to 500FPM.

How do CoilMate® decoilers match pressline speed?
Some CoilMate® models use a variable speed dancer arm. The Model EZ uses a roller head and the Model NC (non-contact) uses a set of sensing probes. All decoilers increase or decrease platform speed to accommodate press stops, start and speed variations.

How do CoilMate® decoilers handle the problem of clockwise and counterclockwise wrapped coils?
Rotating the dancer arm roll 180 degrees and flipping the switch on the control reverses platform direction. The coils and skid do not have to be moved.

How do you keep the final wraps of the coil from falling off the top coil or from falling into the coil I.D. below?
We recommend the CoilMate® core expander, which is available with 8" high coil holding ends and an I.D. range from 12" to 24".

Can I feed thin, light or springy materials?
Yes, CoilMate® has been successful in feeding these material types.

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